An unexpected surprise from a popular place like Nusa Penida, Bali. It is a quiet place, less explored by tourists, unconsumed, away from the crowds, all a 45-minute boat ride from Bali. The beaches are breathtaking. In fact, they are the most beautiful ones we have seen in all of Bali. The forests are untouched, the villages have not lost their authenticity. Despite this, there are no large resort hotels and constructions. One wonders how such a paradise has eluded people's radar for so long. This isolation stemmed from the belief that the island was home to demons and evil spirits, especially Macaling, who spread diseases. This place has been such an undesirable place throughout history that in the 18th century, prisoners were exiled to the island. Even today, fingers point to Nusa Penida when an epidemic or natural disaster strikes. Balinese go to Nusa Penida only on religious holidays where they are obligated to go. Then, when Instagrammers discover that Nusa Penida is a wonde